Province of Misiones – Argentina

Province of Argentina, still with many green areas and important tourist attractions.

The Province of Misiones is located to the northeast of Argentina, bordering Paraguay and Brazil and has 29,800 km2. The capital of the Province is Posadas, a city with approximately 200,000 inhabitants, located 300 km from Foz do IguaƧu.

This region still has large areas of forest, some transformed into Natural Reserves, protected by law, and of great ecological interest by forming a “green corridor” connecting them with the two National Parks of IguaƧu (Brazil and Argentina), very important for the preservation of local fauna and flora.

Here are some of the Jesuit ruins mentioned in the section “The Jesuit World”;
the entire Province has a large hydrographic network and, therefore, presents numerous waterfalls where bathing is allowed and mandatory;
its soil, of basaltic origin, provides the exploration of precious stones such as amethyst, quartz crystals and agate;
distributed throughout the region, there are some indigenous reserves that allow tourist visits;
former yerba mate farms are now dedicated to tourism and welcome visitors with all the hospitality.

It was through the majestic ParanĆ” River that the first explorers at the end of the 19th century. 19, arrived in this region in search of yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis), a large tree found in the middle of the forest, whose leaves give a delicious tea. They climbed the river in boats, coming from the Rio da Prata, and upon arriving in the region, they hired Indians who helped them open bites in the middle of the forest and identify agglomerations of yerba mate trees. Then they cut them, bagging the leaves right there and dragged these bags to the boat where they were loaded, undertaking the journey back to Buenos Aires where the grass was consumed or exported.

The labor that performed this work was called “mensu” and the place of cutting mate was called “obragem”. Most of the small towns of the Province are ancient “obragens” and the cities along the ParanĆ” River are ancient ports.