Unique ecosystem in the world, very rich in fauna, consisting of flooded areas, is the largest floodplain on the planet.

The Pantanal is a unique ecosystem in the world, very rich in fauna, consisting of flooded areas, at certain times of the year, dry and forest. It is the largest floodplain on the planet with an area of 150,000 km2. Constituted by a large hydrographic network of which the Paraguay River is the most important, it is the habitat of numerous animal species, some endangered.

Monkeys, blue macaws, deer,capybaras and, among others, hundreds of alligators are easily sighted. Without mentioning the herons, spooners, tuiuiús, etc. who, with their colorful, cover the trees leaving them looking different. The Pantanal is located to the west of Brazil, in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, about 900 km north of the Iguassu Falls.

Water season: From November to May. It’s the rainy season, when rivers rise and flood the plain. The animals take refuge in the dry areas, more removed.

Dry season: From May to November. It is the dry season, when it rains very little, the climate is colder and there may, however, be periods of great heat (hot air masses coming from the tropics). Plenty of animals and birds that focus on the small ponds and are easily sighted.

  • Boat safari
  • Hiking in riparian forests and pantanal plain
  • Alligator focus
  • Rowboat safari
  • Horseback riding on plains, wetlands and riparian forest
  • Snorkeling on the Salobra River (except in August to November)
  • Natural bathhouse
  • Bike
  • Peeling with magnesian limestone clay
  • Birdwatching (a list of birds is provided)

Approximate duration of each activity: 3 hours