La Lorenza

Little paradise in the Atlantic Rain Forest.

La Lorenza is a small private reserve only 50 minutes away from the city of Iguazu, in the north eastern tip of Argentina. With tourism as an ally, its aim is to conserve a portion of the Atlantic Forest and the rich diversity contained in it. Located on the Paraná River across from Paraguay, the property is surrounded by the rainforest and small farms where local families live of the land. Today it has a wooden house and a deck, a privileged spot to chill after each excursion.

Tour to La Lorenza by Water

Upon arrival at La Lorenza a motorboat will be waiting for us to navigate up the Paraná River. After 15 minutes we will reach the Yasy cascade, a local hidden gem. In the intimacy of th is breathtaking natural landscape, you can go for a swim and maybe even allow the waterfall to give you a massage. Bath ing here is safe and enjoyable as there are no aggressive animals in its waters. On the way back, we will free float briefly down the Paraná River as we enjoy its whirlpools and calm waters.

With a view of Paraguay on our private deck, by the bank of the Paraná River, a delicious appetizer an d some drinks will be offered. This is a good

time to share endless local stories and curiosities.

  • Total tour duration: approximately 5h30
  • Includes English or Spanish tour guide
  • Daily outings, in private
  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • The tour is cancelled in case of adverse weather conditions

There are other excursions available, please consult us.


EMILIO WHITE: Is a naturalist photographer, an ornithological guide and an Atlantic Rainforest worshipper . Author of 3 books; the latest one is about the Iguazú National Park. He worked with the British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, as a field assistant on several television series, within the Natural History Unit. He participated in “The Life of Mammals”, “Wild life On One”, “Planet Earth” and “Life” in Argentina and in other Latin American countries, mainly in Costa Rica, Panamá, Brazil, Chile and the United Kingdom. His last jobs in the industry was in 2019 for the Netflix´s series: “Our Planet” and “Night on Earth”.

In 2011, during a guided bird tour, Emilio met Picu and from that moment on they share a vital love for each other, as well as a passion for nature. Today he is La Lorenza´s main guide.

PICU CABRERA CASTILLA: She holds a graduate degree in Psychology and is also a Human Resources and Sustainability consultant . She met Emilio while on vacation but had no regrets in leaving behind the Buenos Aires pavement for the red soil in Misiones. She learned how to drink mate and how to move around in this unique landscape. Popular culture and nature – especially mushrooms, moss, seeds and bird nests – keep her constantly mesmerized.