Kattamaran – Lake tour

Ideal for relaxing and contemplating the landscape of Itaipu Lake.

Appreciation of Itaipu Lake aboard a beautiful Kattamaran.
After watching a video about the history and construction of the hydroelectric plant at the Itaipu Visitor Center, visitors are led by internal transport from itaipu’s tourist complex to Kattamaram Port. Throughout the navigation it is possible to observe the Hydroelectric Power Plant on the horizon, in addition to the landscape on the side. Visitors will still have the opportunity to meet the boat commander, visit his cabin and take pictures with him.

Navigations are carried out every hour from 10am and the last tour is 5pm. The latter is what gives visitors the privileged view of Itaipu Lake at sunset!

  • Hours: 10h / 11h / 12h / 13h / 14h / 15h / 16h / 17h
  • Subject to change by weather conditions.
  • Browsing time: 1 hour
  • Total duration of the tour including the video: 2h
  • Boat of 35 meters with capacity for 200 people.

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