Helicopter overflight

From the top the view is stunning with the most different sensations.


10 minutes overflight:
Fantastic overflight of the Iguassu National Park and Iguassu Falls with observation of the extension of this Park and the most beautiful set of Falls in the world, where the highlight of the tour is the Devil’s Throat seen from there in all its splendor.

35 minutes overflight:
After the overflight to Iguazu Falls and National Park, continue to the itaipu hydroelectric plant. Along the way, we observe the various plantations that constitute one of the riches of the State of ParanƔ and the IguaƧu and ParanƔ rivers including the mouth of the IguaƧu River, where the 3 countries meet: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

The helicopter operates its exits in a heliport located at the entrance of the IguaƧu National Park, next to the Visitors Center.

  • Open daily from 9 am to 6 pm
  • Helicopters with capacity for 4 and 6 people.
  • Visitors in wheelchair: easy access

Overflights are not carried out in case of rain, fog or strong wind.

Tours that can be combined: