Iberá Marshlands – Argentina

A wild region, permanently flooded, with easy sighting of wildlife.

Iberá Marshlands is a wild region, formed by a permanently flooded area, about 30 centimeters deep.
The Paraná River had its course changed millions of years ago and it is in the old bed of this river that is Iberá, currently constituted by a large floodplain, of sandy soil where you can see dozens of animal species that have chosen this fabulous place for their habitat.

The climate varies from rainy to very rainy because the water that covers the plain does not come from sources or rivers but directly from the clouds – rain.
The animals that are seen there are basically those we find in the Pantanal : the yellow-beapped alligator, the capybara, the deer, the howler monkey and dozens of species of birds such as parrots, parakeets, storks, herons, hawks and others.

Iberá Marshlands is located in Argentina, Corrientes province, about 400 km south of Iguazu Falls and 200 km from the city of Posadas. In the center of Iberá there is the Iberá Nature Reserve where the small town of Carlos Pellegrini is located, with access by dirt road (120 km), base of some hotels and inns and starting point of the tours.

– Hiking in the gallery forest for observation of fauna and flora.
– Visit to the Interpretation Center of the Provincial Reserve of Ibera.
– Speedboat tour to observe the abundant fauna of the region.
Horseback riding.
– Night out for focusing on alligators and other animals.
– All excursions last approximately 2 to 3 hours.