Wax Museum, Dinosaur Valley and Wonders of the World enchant everyone.

Dreamland Museum
The Dreamland Museum, the largest of its kind in Brasil, has a collection of over 70 life-size statues spread across 16 different settings. Among those portrayed are Popes John Paul II and Francis, Spiderman, Madonna, Charlie Chaplin, Neymar Jr., Jack Sparrow, Whoopi Goldberg and other characters.

Dinosaur Valley: The Dinosaur Valley has 20 replicas of prehistoric animals. Set on a trail in the middle of a forest, the replicas emit sounds and move some body parts. Among the species represented are diplodocus, protoceratops, stegosaurus and carnosaurus.

Wonders of the world: Wonders of the world space, gathers replicas of the main monuments built by man. Installed on the mezzanine of the Wax Museum building, the space has miniatures of wonders such as Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), the Statue of Liberty (USA), the Taj Mahal Palace (India), the Terracotta Army (China), the Sphinx of Giza (Egypt), the Pyramid of Chichén Itzá (Mexico) and the Eiffel Tower (France), among others.

  • Approximate duration: 2 hours;
  • Open daily (including Sundays and holidays);
  • Children: 0 to 3 years do not pay admission; 4 to 11 years pay 50% of admission. 

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