An unforgettable destination, nature to delight eyes, mind and body.


Blue Lake Cave

The Blue Lake Cave is undoubtedly the most beautiful and imposing cave in the region.¬†It is estimated to be about 400 million years old.¬†Through 292 steps you descend to a place where you can see a lake of water rich in calcium and magnesium carbonate that give it a bluish color of hypnotic intensity.¬†It’s the largest submerged gallery in the world.¬†The depth reached in the lake by divers was 57m and there were found fragments of prehistoric animals such as a giant sloth, a saber-toothed lion and others.

– Duration of the tour: noon
– Distance from the city center: 20 km

Boat Tour on the Formoso River

The tour is done in rubber boats, on a route of 8km, by the River Formoso that flows into the Miranda River. The greatest emotion is the descent down the waterfalls with the boat. On the banks of the river you can see birds and wild animals, in addition to the sucuris that, in winter, come out of the waters and curl up in the trunks of the trees.

– Duration of the tour: noon.
– Distance from the city center: 12 km

Sucuri River

This is one of the clearest water rivers in the world with 100% visibility and transparency due to the calcareous composition of the soil. Visit to the spring where you can see the water sprouting from the sand amidst fantastic phosphorescent shades of green and blue. Then, floating dive of 2km in a gentle descend of the current where you can observe all the flora and fauna of the river. Unforgettable!
Equipment included: snorkel, mask and lifeguard (for environmental reasons the support boat no longer accompanies).

– Duration of the tour: noon.
– Distance from the city center: 25 km

Mouth of the Jaguar Ecotour

Trail of 2,780m, inside the forest, where it comes into contact with centuries-old trees and 12 waterfalls, one of which has the suggestive name of “Indian Cauldron”, true natural massage.

At the end of the tour we came across a beautiful waterfall: Boca da Onça. Stop for bathing in natural pool formed by this waterfall. The highlight of the tour is to float in the pool watching the waterfall fall and feel the energy and strength of nature.
With 156 meters, this is the highest waterfall in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Rappelling – The rappelling is carried out from a platform and is 90 meters high.
Training is required the night before. Rappelling is allowed for children over 8 years.

– Equipment included
– Duration: all day with lunch
– Distance from the city: 58 km

Rio do Peixe Waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls formed by travertines and limestone tufas of The Living Water Farm. After walking a trail of 2h, you reach the last waterfall that forms a transparent pit with cracks and curious passages. Waterfall bath.

– Duration of the tour: full day with lunch.
– Distance from the city center: 35 km

Mimosa Farm

Walk on an interpretive trail through the riparian forest of the Mimoso River with observation of beautiful orchids and bromeliads; contemplation and bathing in several waterfalls rich in limestone tufa formations. Typical snack included.

– Option for lunch
– Duration of the tour: full day with lunch or half day
– Distance from the city center: 24 km

Rio da Prata (Silver River)

One hour walk by trail in the woods to the nascent Olho d’√Āgua.¬†A one and a half hour snorkel at the spring and along the Olho d’√Āgua River, with no support boat.¬†Mask, snorkel, clothing and neoprene boot included.

– This tour is located in the municipality of Jardim, 50 km from Bonito.
– Duration of the tour: full day with lunch or half day.

Float Tube

Descent of the River Formosinho for about 30 minutes in special float tubes, passing through several rapids. Guides accompany you all the way.
Not advisable for children under 10 years; the tour is cancelled when the river is very full.

– Duration of the tour: one hour
– Distance from the city center: 7 km

Macaws Hole

Macaws Hole is a dolina (cave whose ceiling collapsed) with 124 meters deep and 500 meters in circumference. Inside, there is a very special ecosystem consisting of a forest and a lake with microalgae and fish.
In this environment, animals such as frugivorous and insectivorous bats, some species of reptiles, small rodents and birds, among them, the wonderful red macaws (Ara chloroptera).

– This tour is located in the municipality of Jardim, 50 km from Bonito.
– Duration of the tour: half day