Brazil is an incomparable destination for bird lovers, whether amateur or professional.

South America is the bird continent with approximately 2.645 resident species. If visiting birds are considered, this total will go beyond 2.920 which corresponds to a third of all the birds living on the Planet.

Brazil boasts 1.590 species (census of 1981) covering 86 families and 23 orders. That means 55,3% of South America’s resident species which makes Brazil an incomparable destination for bird lovers both amateurs and professionals.

Among the world’s most intriguing birds are the nightjars and potoos, the Nyctibius, occurring all over Brazil, as well from Costa Rica to Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay.

 These nocturnal birds in order not to denounce their camouflage  during their day time rest have developed a way to see without quite opening their eyes (the magic eye).

The tour is held in the IguazĂş National Park, Argentine side, in more isolated areas, away from mass tourism.

It is guided by an expert in birdwatching (English and Spanish language), including transportation and guide books.
It starts early in the morning and ends in the late morning.
There is the possibility to arrange departures at the end of the day and at night, as well as in other environments outside the National Park.