A closer and more personalized experience with the birds. Not to be missed!

Surrounded by the exuberance of the Atlantic Rainforest, the CONECTA tour is an intimate and private experience that provides a deep connection with the birds and the forest.

This journey is guided by technicians from Bird Park, the only institution in the world focused on protecting the birds of the Atlantic Rainforest. And offers the experience of feeding the birds through access to nurseries and exclusive trails behind the scenes of the park, including a conversation with a Park technician and a coffee break for tasting flavors of the forest using unconventional food plants.

Moments to be experienced:

  • Reception
  • Observation of feeding inside the Flamingo enclosure
  • Bird feeding in the Little Browns nursery
  • Thematic coffee break with PANC (unconventional food plants)
  • Observing the feeding of Parakeets
  • Feeding Toucans
  • Observation of Macaws feeding
  • Talk with a technician
  • Farewell